Here I vent out my thoughts on Medicine – warts and all.

The Spin Doctor
Dr. Sanjeev Verma

Hi there ! This is me!

Awesome indeed to imagine that you are somewhere out there reading this right now. I am a doc with an abiding interest in public health. Right now I also happen to be somewhat bemused, a bit excited (some times) and confused (most of the times) dad of a teenage girl. Can be nerve-raching experience. Still coming to  terms with the perks that come with this job.

I am Sanjeev and I serve on the editorial board of Quantum Healthcare Analytics, Belgium. Want to know more? There’s a FAQ section below just for that. This is a new blog, much of it being still in the works. But if you want to get a quick hang of what to except here, you will find this a good starting point.

Thanks for coming by.

Sanjeev Verma

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‘To know you is to love you’

I believe that a perspective on medicine from the vantage point that history offers, is as much a duty as it is the right of every medical student. Getting to know our own bias and prejudice as doctors might just give us a better sense of direction and purpose. It could help us to be good at doing better. As you will notice, this will be one of the recurrent themes of this blog.

He who is busy doing good finds no time to be good – Rabindra Nath Tagore


Who are you ?  Doctor, avowed public health enthusiast. My interests include, primary health care, epidemiology, health systems research and family medicine. I am also a ‘history of medicine’ fanatic. My romance with this last one blossomed rather late, but that does nothing to keep me from pretending to be the enlightened Buddha!

What’s your problem man ?

Good question! Well, i believe that the social context is an inseparable part of the health care ecosystem. It also happens to be the most neglected aspect. It is my strong conviction that medical education today systematically ingrains some biases and prejudice that are so visibly manifest by the time we exit from medical school. This blog is an expression of this conviction; and my two cents to articulate it in the public domain. I respect my profession and all that it stands for. And that is why introspecting on my own aberrations is something that I find professionally rewarding.

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