Hola! jump right in. u got company here. Grab your coffee and indulge in the pleasure of reading. Don’t like coffee? No worries. Coffee understands. You might want to check out this app. (Tip: Our brain works smarter just by the coffee machine hissing in the background). For those who haven’t yet tried e-book reader, good time to get one for your mobile device. Have you tried Amazon’s Kindle? Its a sheer pleasure for your eyes, no matter if its pitch dark or bright sunny day, you need to see it to believe the pleasure that this gadget brings to reading. There is a range of models for the taking. Thinking of buying a tablet? Buy Kindle Fire instead. 3G, wifi compatible. eye-friendly, strain-free reading 24×7 night or day. Or you can download one of the many free e-reader apps for your tab or smartphone. My favorite one is BookViser. There’s a free version that’s pretty handy. Pro-version is actually quite cool.

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